What does a “cynic” mean? What are some examples?

A cynic is someone that no matter what will always look at the negative of the situation. He/she will convince him/herself that a particular situation, thing, or event or a person he/she is criticizing could have done better or can be better. Cynicism is basically too much unnecessary criticism of anything. Suppose if someone becomes

How Saints Are Declared As Saints?

Photo Credits: Jebulon Very recently, there's a debate that is happening around the world, that whether Mother Teresa was a saint or not? I thought why not share my opinion on who's a saint and who's not. According to Gurbani, only saints can recognise other saints, nobody else. If somebody is proclaiming to be a saint, be very careful,

How and Why To Choose Your Spiritual Master?

Hello everyone, today's topic is how and why to choose your spiritual master? Lets start with it. Why to choose your spiritual master? Now if you are sad, depressed, lethargic, suffering from low self-esteem, then you have to have a spiritual master. If you can go to  a therapist, or a counsellor, or a friend that can help you, then it

Is enlightenment birthright of everybody or only few individuals are eligible to be called enlightened?

Image Courtesy: Kingston Sunset of Lenny K Photography From the series of questions answered on Quora.   Enlightenment is not a birthright. You cannot demand enlightenment. Yes it is true only few individuals reach enlightenment. It is said, that 1 in a 10 million there is an enlightened individual. In spirituality or any spiri