CTO/ Tech Cofounder Position Available.


If you consider yourself an A player in programming, and has an incredible passion for coding, more so, that you eat, sleep and repeat programming? And you also want to live a depression-free incredibly blissful life. Then my friend we have a position for you. A position of CTO/Tech cofounder of Brahm Life Coaching, which is based in New Delhi, India.


Before we give you the rest of the details of what we are going to build.


I want you to know a little about;

  1. What we do: We help people overcome depression.
  2. Who we areThe Founder of  Brahm Life Coaching himself was suffering from depression since the age of 19 and it went till the age of 23, and he solved his own problem of depression. And only when he solved his own problem, that he decided to turn this into a company. The startup is very well validated, if you have followed people like Paul Graham and other successful founders in the world, they all had one thing in common, was that the founders solved their own personal problem, and then they decided to turn it into a company. The Founder is a domain expert too, and certainly one of the best in the world. 



Job Description: We have reached a point of an appropriate product building stage, and what we need is a tech co-founder, who’ll not only build the product using the domain expertise of the founder but also can hire and manage a few developers on his/her own.


The job will be incredibly challenging seeing its a startup.


We wont be paying you a salary currently, but we’ll be giving you a major chunk of equity in the company.



PS:  We can also renegotiate the terms if you are not comfortable with the same.


Interested Candidates can mail their resumes plus their social media profile links to gurkiratsingh@zoho.com.


Thank you for reading.

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